about me and yoga

Hi, my name is Anna. I love yoga, travelling and trying out new things. As a child I was dancing ballet and the passion for movement never vanished. I also love action and new challenges if it is climbing, surfing, diving (newest addiction apnoe diving) or mounteneering I´m in. But next to all exciting experiences I need a base for peace and stillness which I found in yoga. I´m a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT 200) and the founder of Bali Flow Yoga. I practice yoga myself since 10 years but really found into it about 5 years ago in Costa Rica. During a yoga retreat in Santa Teresa I met a yoga teacher who truly touched my heart. She was like a mentor for me and inspired me to become a yoga teacher. Since then yoga accompanied me through good times and bad times. It is my way to understand that we need to look at our shadows to be able to grow. There is no light without darkness. While being on Bali (I worked there as a yoga teacher) I developed this yoga course to guide students online independently of their individual complexity level, physical restrictions or available time to practice. The set up of the course with 65 single short sequence videos is made to fit as many different people and situations as possible. Just pick the sequences which fit you best and try something new every time you`re on the mat. My yoga style is creative, playful and always flowy. Try it - I will see you on the yoga mat!


other interests

I discovered a new passion for apnoe diving while being on Bali. Apnoe diving is diving without oxygen and the main task is to control your breath and calm your mind. You have to be absolutely calm (your heartbeat needs to be slow) before you go deep otherwise the adrenaline in your blood could cause a blackout which definitely needs to be avoided. You can imagine apnoe diving like this: You are in open water, hanging with one hand on a buoy, floating on the water surface, looking down in the infinite deep sea and concentrate on your breath. From the buoy there is a rope going down with size marks every 5 meters and that`s your orientation when going down. It really needs a lot courage to dive down the rope but it is fascinating too. You need to calm yourself with the only help of your breath. There is no other way and that makes it very ruminant and honest.

And if I´m not diving I love to go hiking in the mountains or even climbing which again is mainly about overcoming fear.  My husband loves surfing and I try it each time we´re at the sea but with the waves I´m really a fraidy cat;-)

If we are at home in Munich I love meeting friends, going to the english garden, jogging at the river, reading, going to the sauna and of course doing yoga.



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