Bali Flow Yoga is full online Yoga plan for your home workout. The plan introduces you to the basic principles of vinyasa flow yoga and gives you the unique experience of an online yoga retreat. Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful atmosphere and natural sounds of Bali. Bali flow yoga leads you through dynamic yoga flows which always combine breath and movement. Every movement has a breath and you will learn how to flow through your practice with each inhalation and exhalation. The „flow“ is a state of mind in which your breath and your movement perfectly interact and leave you with a feeling of ease, happiness and energy. Each video contains one flow sequence. This will help you to internalize a sequence first and then practice in your own individual speed and breath. All in all there are 65 single yoga sequences which are thematically organized in 10 categories which will help you by creating your tailor made yoga class. The single yoga sequences are varying in length and complexity. It fits for beginners as well as for experienced yogis, just pick and combine the fitting lectures. Choose based on your time about one to three videos of each category and never get bored again. You have now the possibility to create a new yoga class each and every time you practice. Or maybe you just want to go through all single lectures time after time. As a beginner the course offers you a variety of single yoga videos to start a daily practice. Learn the different yoga postures and especially how to connect your breath within each flow. Experienced yogis can modify the length and complexity of each workout. The setup of this plan should encourage you to listen to yourself. Be your own yoga teacher! Namaste.


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Summary of content:

  • Get 65 high quality yoga tutorial videos (length 3-5 minutes) with detailed guidance - Bali Flair inclusive

  • Learn how to flow and combine each movement with breath and conciousness

  • Discover Yoga videos pre-categorized for easy access like Pranayama (breathing techniques), Warm up, Sun salutation, Main Flow, Balance, Core, Cool Down, Savasana and Meditation.

  • Add Yoga as the ideal enhancement to your sports training and get better in nearly any other kind of sports like running, soccer, winter sports, dancing, climbing, diving, fitness, boxing, cross fit and many many more!

  • Be your own yoga teacher and learn how to sequence your own tailor made yoga class

The story behind BALI FLOW YOGA

It was end of 2015 when my husband and I escaped the cold winter in Munich and settled for three months in Bali. I found a job as a yoga teacher in a beautiful resort and we lived our dream. Teaching and doing yoga twice a day and inbetween there was still time for diving, loving, just being and filming the sequences for Bali Flow Yoga. It is really a heart project no industrial or financial back up just me and my husband having the time of our lives and developing a yoga plan. We brainstormed about the yoga plan every evening when watching the sun set and have been so motivated that we filmed many hours of material. Back in Munich we organized everything and put it into shape and that`s what it is now. If I write it now it sounds so easy and sunshine and roses but it still is and was a lot of work. But if you`re doing it for yourself it doesn`t feel like it. But still the whole project closely found an abrupt end before it even really started. Read about the whole story on the blog here.

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