It was end of 2015 when my husband and me escaped the cold winter in Munich and settled for three months in Indonesia. I found a job as a yoga teacher in a beautiful resort on Gili Meno and we lived our dream life. Teaching and doing yoga twice a day and in between there was still time for diving, loving, just being and filming the sequences for Bali Flow Yoga. It is really a heart project no industrial or financial back up just me and my husband having the time of our lives and developing a yoga plan. We brainstormed about the yoga plan each evening when watching the sun set and have been so motivated that we filmed many hours of material. Back in Munich we organized everything and put it into shape and that`s what it is now. If I write it now it sounds so easy and sunshine and roses but it wasn't always. The whole project closely found an abrupt end before it even really started. I thought about it very long if I should share the story or not but in the end it is a part of it.

As written above my husband and me were living a dream in a country which isn`t exactly known for safety and women`s rights. But I felt secure and was in good contact with staff and people around me. I trusted my surrounding although we were sleeping kind of outdoors no real walls and doors but our hut was within the resort. The previous yoga teacher stayed four months on her own. One night I had a bad feeling which kept me awake, luckily. I was alone as my husband was surfing on the neighbor island. He did that before and I was fine as I felt comfortable with being alone in the resort but not at this night. I noticed before due to many circumstances (a volcanic eruption, low season, political riots) that I was completely alone in the back of the resort where our little hut was. No other guests and not even the security guard which normally should sit at a certain spot when I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep and that`s why I noticed somebody breaking into my hut and coming to my bed. It was a small man with a naked upper body and a cloth in his hands. By now I know this cloth was meant to intoxicate me but that didn’t happen. As I was awake I yelled at him „what are you doing here“ and he run away. In nature everything is so loud I wasn’t sure if he really was away or still close. I was waiting for the security officer to come but nobody showed up. I was sitting there completely alone scared to death and with only something like a small club in my hands, which we brought for self defense. I was sitting there for over an hour, shaking and waiting for either the security to help or worse the men to come back. It was still in the middle of the night, apparently nobody close by for help and the bulgar potentially still around waiting for his second try. After another hour of immense fear I decided to do it myself. I took the flashlight and went out to have a look and search for help. It was probably the bravest and most scariest act I did so far and in the end I found the security guard at the front of the hotel sleeping at the pool. To his poor defense he thought nobody would reside in the backyard as I wasn’t booked in as a normal hotel guest. When I woke him up and started telling the story he didn’t understand a word of English. The only thing I could do is positioning him in front of my hut and tell him not to move nowhere. But even then I couldn’t sleep a minute. As soon as the sun came out I went to the yoga studio my happy place for the last weeks and started to cry. I was scared, insecure and super disappointed. My dream life washed away in one single night. Although they caught the men the same morning I knew I couldn’t stay. He was a construction worker from the hotel and as his punishment he was expelled from the island - that`s how they handle it in Indonesia. I stopped teaching yoga immediately and actually wanted to leave the island as fast as possible. But I had no more energy left and needed to rest - in a hotel with real walls and closed doors of course and my husband to hold be tight. When I felt a bit better we reorganized our further travels and even filmed the last sequences of Bali Flow Yoga. I just didn’t want to let one bad soul destroy everything. I wanted to leave the island with something positive not only in my head but also in my hands. The weeks before have been great and I know this could have happened everywhere.

I am very thankful that nothing worse has happened and also for my inner strength how I reacted and still be able to believe in good souls over bad. I think this experience left me stronger than I thought I could be. We’ve spent the rest of our trip in Bali where I found the peace and silence I needed and finally even got the most beautiful proposal ever.